Knowledge Prompting Hackathon

Research Hackathon on Knowledge Engineering and Prompt Engineering

August 07 - 10, 2023, London, UK

News: Our agenda has been released!

About the Hackathon

Welcome to the research hackathon on knowledge engineering with prompt engineering! The hackathon will bring together researchers and practitioners with an interest in using the latest advances in pre-trained language models (PLMs) and generative AI to create and maintain curated, credible, and trustworthy knowledge graphs.

The hackathon is designed as a collaborative, interdisciplinary sprint-style research activity, in which participants will work in teams to prototype new ideas, methods, tools, and evaluation frameworks around the use of PLMs to produce, access, and share knowledge that people can trust. The gathering is meant to kick-start an interdisciplinary community of interest and practice in deploying advanced AI capabilities to support people in engineering better knowledge graphs for trustworthy, human-centric information services, from search and question answering to recommendations and fact checking.

Participating teams will choose from among a series of curated topics, which include:

  • Using PLMs to support specialised knowledge engineering tasks such as generating competency questions, evaluating knowledge graphs from an ontological perspective, aligning across knowledge graphs and their underlying schemas, extracting rich knowledge structures beyond simple entities and relations
  • Understanding the benefits and limitations of conversational affordances (e.g., ChatGPT) as an alternative to established knowledge graph editing paradigms with respect to usability, task performance, and the ability to gain and maintain user trust.
  • Methods to ensure human-in-the-loop knowledge base construction is transparent, accountable, fair, and compliant with emerging AI laws and regulations.

Places are limited to around 30 participants. While we expect this will be of interest to graduate students or postdocs, we welcome anyone with practical, hands-on experience in applying technologies such as prompt engineering, ontology engineering, and information extraction.

This hackathon came out of discussions at the Dagstuhl Seminar on “Knowledge Graphs and their Role in the Knowledge Engineering of the 21st Century” held in September 2022. The report of this seminar is available here.



  • Day 1, Aug 07, MON
    • 09:00 Registration opens
    • 09:30 Introduction from the organisers and mentors on aims, agenda, and ways of working
    • 10:00 KGs and LLMs: what, why, how (Paul Groth, Elena Simperl)
    • 10:30 Introduction to the research challenges (Albert Meroño Peñuela)
    • 11:00 Coffee break
    • 11:15 Groups, mentors, and challenge allocation (Albert Meroño Peñuela)
    • 11:45 Meeting with mentor #1
    • 12:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 Group work, mentor checkin #1 to be arranged by each group individually
    • 15:30 Coffee break
    • 17:00 End of Day 1
  • Day 2, Aug 08, TUE
    • 09:30 Stand up (5 minutes per group)
    • 10:00 Meeting with mentor #2
    • 10:45 Group work starts
    • 11:00 Coffee break
    • 12:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 Group work continues, mentor checkin #2
    • 15:30 Coffee break
    • 17:00 End of Day 2
  • Day 3, Aug 09, WED
    • 09:30 Stand up (5 minutes per group)
    • 10:00 Meeting with mentor #3
    • 10:45 Group work starts
    • 11:00 Coffee break
    • 12:30 Lunch
    • 13:30 Group work continues, mentor checkin #3
    • 15:30 Coffee break
    • 17:00 End of Day 3
  • Day 4, Aug 10, THU
    • 09:00 Slides due
    • 09:30 Group presentations
    • 12:30 Lunch
    • 14:00 End of Day 4



Hackathon Back Office

Contact Information

  • Preksha Patel:
  • Bohui Zhang:



  • The event is invitation only. You will need to register your interest via this form by May 29th AOE.
  • If accepted to the event, you will be asked to confirm registrations and pay a fee:
    • For participants who do not require accommodation, attendance will be £99.
    • For participants who want to take advantage of pre-booked accommodation in London, the fee will be £459.
    • The deadline for confirming attendance and paying the fee will be June 26th AOE.



This event is supported by a range of research programmes and is co-funded by the interest group on knowledge graphs at the Alan Turing Institute.

Package Contents Price
Bronze Your logo on:
  •  The website
  •  The opening and closing slides
Silver All included in the Bronze package, plus:
  •  Promotion of your tools and technology during the hackathon
Gold All included in the Bronze and Silver packages, plus:
  •  Send 1 person from your organisation to the event
  •  Sponsorship of best student project award
Custom Various options on request
We also welcome in-kind sponsorships, in the form of computational resources, API access to knowledge graphs, LLMs, etc. Please do get in touch with and to discuss options.